What do I do when my pet passes away?

If you wish to have your pet cremated with us, we can arrange collection of your pet from your home or veterinary clinic contact us and one of our friendly staff will guide you through the process.

What is pet cremation?

Cremation is a heating process whereby the deceased pet is placed in the cremator and subjected to high temperatures, reducing the organic matter to dust and dried bones. The remains are ground into a sand-like powder and placed in the selected vessel to be returned to the pets loving family.

Do you provide Pet Cremation services in my area?

Simply contact us directly or through your local vet and we will handle the process for you.

How do I book a pet cremation?

We have aimed to make the booking process as simple and efficient as possible. Booking can be made directly online through our website, via phone, or through your local/ nominated veterinary practise. Alternatively you can visit us in person at our listed premises.

If my pet is euthanised at the vets, can I choose where my pet is cremated?

Yes – the aftercare of your pet is a decision to be made by you and your family – contact us directly, or notify your vet of your decision and we can liaise directly with them – We are happy to collect your pet from your designated veterinary clinic.

Can you collect my pet from home?

Yes – we can collect your pet from your house, as well as return your pet’s ashes to you following cremation.

What happens if my pet dies in the evening or on the weekend?

Please contact us directly via phone and we will arrange for collection. Collection outside of collection hours will incur an additional charge.

Do you take care of small pets such as snakes, ferrets, fish, lizards, birds etc?

Yes – we offer cremation services to a large range of animals. Please contact us to enquire.

How do I know it is my pet’s ashes I receive back?

It is of the utmost importance that we guarantee the return of your pets ashes to their beloved family. All pet cremations are conducted in individual zones to ensure you receive all and only your ashes. We also use a numbered tracking system and layout mapping to ensure accurate tracing throughout the entire process. We are privileged to be able to assist in providing comfort during a difficult time, and will take all appropriate measures to ensure that the faith and trust placed in us is returned.

What happens to my pet’s ashes if I do not want them returned?

If you do not wish to have your pets ash’s returned, we will scatter the ashes in a dignified manner at a local farm on your behalf.

What do I do with my beloved pet’s ashes?

This is a decision to be made by you and your family. You can elect to scatter the ashes in a place that is meaningful to your pet and family, or alternatively keep the ashes close to you in your family home.

Can I supply my own urn with a cremation?

Yes – if you have a preferred urn outside of our range, we will happily place your pet’s ashes in it for you for no additional charge.

Do you offer a paw print and lock of fur?

Yes – after obtaining your permission, we will take a paw print and lock of fur from your pet and return to you with your pets ashes.

Do you have a premises I can visit?

Yes – refer to the ‘Contact Us‘ page for further details