Our Services

Our Services

Pets are members of the family and their life should be celebrated and remembered in a dignified and respectful manner.

We know that losing a loved one is extremely difficult and understand the importance of the grievance process in gaining closure.
We aim to make the process as straight forward, timely and convenient as possible so that you and your family can reflect and celebrate the life of your beloved pet.
At South West Pet Cremations, we offer a number of services to cater for price, flexibility, convenience, comfort and closure:

Bunbury Pet Cremations | Pet Crematory Bunbury


Individual Pet Cremations

Our individual pet cremation service ensures that you receive all of and only your pets ashes by cremating your pet in an individual zone.

This service includes individual cremation of your pet, your choice of ‘standard’ vessel, personalised certificate and a lock of fur and paw print if requested. The service also includes the collection and return of your pets ashes to your nominated veterinary practice. Home collection and return can be provided at an additional charge.

Prices for individual cremation are based on weight as follows:
Extra Small (< 1 kg)
Small (1 – 9 kg’s)
Medium (10 – 24 kg’s)
Large (25 – 39 kg’s)
Extra Large (40 – 69 kg’s)
XX Large (70+ kg’s)


Group Cremations

If you do not wish to have your pets ashes returned, we offer our group cremation service.

This service offers a cheaper alternative whereby post cremation, the ashes will be placed in a scattering vessel and taken to a local farm where they will be released into the wide spread acreage.

The service includes the collection of your pet from your nominated veterinary practice. Home collection can be provided at an additional charge.

Group cremations are offered at a flat rate:
Group Cremations
Bunbury Pet Cremations | Pet Crematory Bunbury
Bunbury Pet Cremations | Pet Crematory Bunbury


Premium / 24 Hour Service

Our premium service is offered for those interested in having their pets ashes returned as soon as possible.  As well as including all components offered within the individual cremation service, our premium service includes:

  • Same day cremation (24 hours)
  • Same day collection and return of your pets ashes to your home (24 hours)

Collections in excess of 50 km can be arranged at an additional charge. Alternatively, you may bring your pet to our premises.

Premium / 24 Hour Service is offered at a flat rate:
Premium Service

Urns & Memorabilia

Each individual cremation comes inclusive of a choice between two standard vessels.
If you would like something special for your beloved pet to rest, we also have a range of wooden, metal and ceramic urns available for purchase. In addition, we offer plaques and engraving to further personalise your selected urn or ash box.

To view our current range and pricing, please follow the link below:

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Bunbury Pet Cremations | Pet Crematory Bunbury
Bunbury Pet Cremations | Pet Crematory Bunbury


Home collection and delivery services

Our prices all include collection and return to your local/ nominated veterinary practice.
In addition, we offer home collection and delivery of your pet and ashes free of charge within a 40km radius of our Davenport based premises.*

*Collections/ Returns in excess of the 40km radius will incur an additional charge.